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Oh My. The End Must be NIgh

Just when I have been thinking that Americans have become so polarized that agreement on anything is impossible, I see this headline (H/T New Advent) National Catholic Journals Unite: ‘Capital Punishment Must End’  Joint Editorial of America, National Catholic Register, National … Continue reading

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Social Justice

Back in June, I posted on the division between progressive Catholics and orthodox Catholics on the social justice teaching of the Church. I related an experience that I had while working for a parish. The pastor had asked me to … Continue reading

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Raised Catholic but

When you have been lurking around the web for a while, you begin to identify certain opening salvos that are red flags to red meat Catholics: “I was raised Catholic” “I used to be an altar server” “I am an … Continue reading

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In one Corner…..

The right to life is the most basic of human rights.. This is because all humans are made in the image and likeness of God. All human life is sacred and unrepeatable. The dignity of the human person is the … Continue reading

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