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Surfer Priest Jailed as Teenager Hit by Divine 2×4 At 20

Fr. Don Calloway has a great story of conversion and redemption. H/T Deacon Greg. Let us pray that he doesn’t fall into the devils trap: the cult of celebrity priests.

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Do Beautiful Churches Produce Vocations?

Father Dwight Longenecker thinks they might along with beautiful liturgy. Excerpt We then have to ask what these churches say about the faith, for the church building is a sacramental. It states what we believe. A building, whether we like … Continue reading

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Parents discourage daughters who would be nuns

I know for a fact that one of the biggest obstacles to vocations to the priesthood and religious life is parents. “If she had listened to her parents, Sister Jenn Graus might never have professed vows last month to join … Continue reading

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A Protestant Discovers Sign of the Cross

And a few other items. I am really busy this weekend, and I am behind due to MS–mostly fatigue. I had always thought that making the sign of the cross was mainly a Catholic practice. But it seems that  some … Continue reading

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Rebels in a Habit

Even as a young child I knew that I did not have a call to the religious life. There is a reason that God never blessed my mother with another daughter. But these women are amazing! The average age is … Continue reading

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Holy Attire

Over at First Things, Elizabeth Scalia, aka The Anchoress, writes on why the religious habit is a good thing. Here is an  excerpt:                                                                                                        Sister was operating under a willful delusion; she justified forsaking the habit with appeals to solidarity, compassion, … Continue reading

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Workers For The Vineyard

Tim Drake predicts:                                     The Coming Vocation Explosion This is good news indeed. Praise God

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