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Surfer Priest Jailed as Teenager Hit by Divine 2×4 At 20

Fr. Don Calloway has a great story of conversion and redemption. H/T Deacon Greg. Let us pray that he doesn’t fall into the devils trap: the cult of celebrity priests.

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My Pastor Climbed a Mountain…

And Deacon Greg beat me to the punch. Again. Sigh. This early bird needs to start looking for worms much earlier.  I–and our entire parish–am just very thankful that Monsignor Bognanno made it back in one piece. Our prayers were … Continue reading

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Practice silence and be prepared for hell to break loose. UPDATE

Dr. Thomas Neal, who I introduced in this post, has a thought provoking post on cultivating silence. Excerpt: “But more, silence that is pregnant with consent, with a receptivity that is not merely an absence of sound but presence to … Continue reading

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Marriage and Ordained Ministers in the Catholic Church

A reader has a question,  “What is a Deacon? I thought Catholics had priests who are not married”. I am going to answer this in two posts. First there are three degrees of Holy Orders in the Catholic Church, bishop, … Continue reading

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Archbishop Dolan: “I am going to preach about sex”.

The New York Daily News reports on the good bishop’s Sunday homily. Excerpt: I’m going to preach about sex,” he declared. “Now I’ve got your attention.” Dolan linked “sexual immorality” with society’s ills — violence, sex crimes, disease and broken … Continue reading

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The Irish Monk Who Was Burned by a Demon

I love being Catholic.  The Catholic Hearld (U.K) on St. Fursey: “Fursey (died 648) was an Irish monk who helped to advance Christianity in both East Anglia and northern France. Precisely where and when Fursey was born is unknown. According … Continue reading

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Bad Catholic Takes Down “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”

Marc Barnes, The Bad Catholic, does an excellent job of taking apart the misguided sentiment and illogical arguments contained in this video, Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus (H/T The Anchoress). Excerpt: “So onto the first bit of silliness … Continue reading

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Baby Got Book?

Dr. Tom Neal is the director of the St. Joseph’s Educational Center for the Diocese of Des Moines. He is a theologian and a gifted teacher. I always take something profound from his talks even when I know the subject … Continue reading

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God, Prayer and Tebow Time

My favorite deacons is a very happy Bronco fan. He was leading the Youth Group on Sunday evening, but I sent him several text messages to keep him up on the Bronco vs Steelers score. I don’t understand football, so … Continue reading

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Mass on a Mountain

Oh boy. I really have to get into a blog (reading and posting) routine. Our pastor is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I missed a picture on the Diocese of Des Moines Facebook page. But Deacon Greg is, as always, on … Continue reading

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