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A Belated Blessed Christmas

In my defense it is still Christmas through the Baptism of the Lord on December 9th.  Yes I know that I have been missing in action for a rather long time.  In part it was because of the season and … Continue reading

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No Exeptions With Contraception-Thank God!

Jennifer Fulwiler, answers a reader who thinks that the Church should allow contraception for married couples in difficult situations. Excerpt: I had my own crisis along these lines when I found out while I was expecting my second child that … Continue reading

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Christians Should Weep for Bin Laden

The day after  the death of  Bin Laden, I wrote a post, Should Christians  Celebrate the Death of Bin Laden?”  No. Christians should never rejoice when a human being, made in the image and likeness of God, dies. Jim Tighe … Continue reading

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Should Christians Celebrate the Killing of Bin Laden?

In a word no.  But I must confess that my first reaction to the news was an enthusiastic, finally! I am such a poor Christian. While elation at the death of a man who was responsible for the evil deeds … Continue reading

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God’s Megaphone

Please pass the tissues. ( H/T: The Anchoress) “There are Christians who seem to believe that God only speaks through words. This is a rather puzzling and limiting idea for a creator who gave us five senses plus an imagination … Continue reading

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Stumbling Block to Faith

The hardest question for people of faith to answer is, if there is a all powerful, loving, and merciful God why does He allow evil and suffering to exist?  How do we answer this legitimate question in a way that … Continue reading

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