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The Child Sex Scandal and Catholic Bashers

Rant Alert. Every Catholic blogger who writes a post about the Catholic moral teaching on human sexuality, is guaranteed to receive at least one comment referring to the priest sex scandal. Exhibit A: this oh so original comment on this … Continue reading

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Amazon Publishes A Handbook for Pedophiles

The Fruits of Relativism I wish that I was more surprised by this. Amazon published a handbook for pedophiles as an eBook.  It caused an uproar on the social networks; there is a call for a boycott. Amazon’s response was … Continue reading

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If Only Women Could Be Bishops

The abuse allegations ripping through the Catholic Church would not have been ignored; there would have been no cover-ups. Or so  the progressives and anti-Catholic chattering classes tell us. Oh Really? Well then how do you explain this? “The bishop … Continue reading

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