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Atheist Soldiers Want a Chaplain?

Sometimes, as deacon Greg eludes to, reality is funnier than The Onion. Excerpt: “Jason Torpy, a former Army captain who is president of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, said humanist chaplains would do everything religious chaplains do, including … Continue reading

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American Atheists are Coming to Des Moines

My pastor just told me that, (I somehow missed their billboards), The  American Atheists are  holding their national convention later this month in Des Moines.  I really don’t understand why people invest so much time and energy into something that … Continue reading

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Liturgical Atheists?

Nah. They just want to mock. Words fail. “Wielding a blow-dryer, a leading atheist conducted a mass “de-baptism” of fellow non-believers and symbolically dried up the offending waters that were sprinkled on their foreheads as young children. At the annual … Continue reading

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Mock Not Least Ye Be Mocked

Yesterday I had to delete a comment on the Comedy Central Post. The comment linked to a site which encouraged people to submit drawings of Mohammad.  This is a Christian blog, and I do not think that encouraging people to … Continue reading

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