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Marriage Unique for a Reason

The US Bishops have a new site up: From the Home Page: Welcome to Marriage: Unique for a Reason! What is marriage? Are a man and a woman really essential to marriage? What about the child … and the role … Continue reading

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The Same Sex Marriage Debate and the Origins of Love

I have tried several times on this blog to explain and defend the Church’s teaching        concerning homosexual acts. I have failed. That is why I am going to yield the floor to those who have same sex inclinations and choose … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage: Have We Lost the War or Just a Few Key Battles?

Since New York passed the same sex marriage bill, the wild, wild, web has been awash with commentary.  Proponents are elated. Opponents are depressed.  It seems that proponents are on the right side of history. Opponents are bigots stuck in … Continue reading

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Marriage: the core of every civilization

Archbishop Dolon explains marriage excerpt (H/T New Advent); This frenzied group, taunting the people as they left Mass, were rabid in criticizing the Catholic Church, especially her bishops, for our teaching that homosexuals deserve dignity and respect. To be more … Continue reading

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Embracing the Heavy Cross of Infertility

Carolyn and Sean Savage were in the news several months ago, because of a  heart breaking mistake. They underwent IVF treatment, and the embryos of another couple were implanted instead of theirs.  You can read about their story here. Well … Continue reading

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Beatifications and Royal Weddings

Pope John Paul II was beatified on Sunday. In his Sunday homily, Deacon Greg talks about Blessed John Paul II. It is a beautiful tribute. I didn’t pay attention to the wedding of William and Kate. But Frank Weathers posted … Continue reading

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Pope: Marriage is not an Absolute Right

While every Catholic has a right to the Sacraments of the Church, this right is not without a corresponding responsibility on the part of the faithful. In other words, Sacraments are big deals and should not be trifled with. VATICAN … Continue reading

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Husbands Love Your Wives

Ephesians 5 has to be one of the least understood passage in the New Testament. You know all that husbands as head of house and submission stuff. Modern and enlightened ones miss over the part that men are to love … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope of Re-defining Marriage

The cable channel TLC will soon be airing a new reality show about a man who has three, soon to be four, “wives”.  Geesh this guy is collecting women like some men collect beer cans. H/T First Thoughts It is … Continue reading

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Tangled Webs

Oh what a tangled web we weave,When first we practice to deceive! (Sir Walter Scott)                                                                                                                The latest from the Truthiness files or why let facts get in the way of historical truth.  (H/T Thomas Peters AKA American Papist): Just as … Continue reading

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