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Christianity is a Made Up Religion

And the best conspiracy theory ever!  How to answer an atheist with humor. Way to go Lutherans. H/T The Sacred Page.

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Husbands Love Your Wives

Ephesians 5 has to be one of the least understood passage in the New Testament. You know all that husbands as head of house and submission stuff. Modern and enlightened ones miss over the part that men are to love … Continue reading

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Who Is A Christian? Obama? You?

This just in on my Google Alerts for the word Catholic from the USA Today Faith and Reason web site: Who, exactly, is “Christian”? Or Christian enough? Or the right  variation of Christian — i.e. probably the one you are … Continue reading

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Let the Debating Begin

We have a good discussion going on the New American Religion: I believe in whatever thread. Please join the discussion. Just remember that we are Christians please see the rules of engagement. Okay. Let the discussion begin! On the above … Continue reading

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Cast Down Your Bucket: A Theology of Staying

Booker T Washington was a former slave who rose to prominence after the Civil War. In 1895 he gave a speech known as the “Atlanta Compromise Speech”. It is considered one of the most important speeches in American history. The … Continue reading

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Abortion insanity

Unbelievable.  Matthew Archbold, over at his National Catholic Register blog reports: Planned Parenthood clinics across Iowa are fine tuning an advanced and novel way to abort babies – by remote control. According to reports, about 1,500 women have already used … Continue reading

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Tis The Season….

For graduations and the celebration of Confirmation.There is an old ministry joke about the Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic clergy who had a common problem with bats in their Churches.  The Methodist and Lutheran minister tried everything, but they could not … Continue reading

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