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Christianity is a Made Up Religion

And the best conspiracy theory ever!  How to answer an atheist with humor. Way to go Lutherans. H/T The Sacred Page.

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Tweet to Bishops: April Fool!

Very funny.  It seems that the US Bishops were April Fooled by Twitter. H/T New Advent From the USCCB Media Blog post titled Catholic Rules for Twitter: On Friday, April 1st, the USCCB fell victim to an April Fools-esque joke…in … Continue reading

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Why Catholics can’t sing

Because, according to this post on the Catholic Phoenix, there are four Catholic musical diseases. Personally I think that there are far more. That is why I try to make it to the 7:30 mass; there is less music and … Continue reading

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Thanks Facebook:It’s official I am Sean’s mom.

I found this in my in box this weekend: Sean Kehoe listed you as his mother on Facebook. To confirm this family request, follow the link below: Thanks, The Facebook Team Well now. It is nice to know that after … Continue reading

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Steven Colbert, Bart Ehrman and the Gospel of John

In light of the previous post, I thought that I would share my husbands favorite Steven Colbert video clip. He takes on the so called scripture scholar Bart Ehrman. Deacon’s favorite line is when Colbert opines on John’s Gospel,  The … Continue reading

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Right Thinking Will Not Be Tolerated

Ha!  This video is too funny. H/T Patrick Madrid Very funny. But sadly it is all too true. There are people in academia and behind church pulpits who actually believe and say such things.  The idea that teaching is bad … Continue reading

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Help Desk 101: Just do It.

I  will not be posting much today. But here is a very funny video. Hey making a change is hard. We need help with the obvious. H/T black biretta This is very funny even though it is in subtitles. Click … Continue reading

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We Wants it We Needs It

Must have the precious. iBreviary–the daily prayer book for iPhone–will become a full Roman missal for iPad, allowing priests to celebrate mass in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. The Vatican-sanctioned application, created Padre Paolo Padrini, includes: • Texts of … Continue reading

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