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The Hell There Is

I really intended to blog every day. Really. Well you know what they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While we are on the subject of hell, Carl Olson, H/T New Advent, refutes One bad of … Continue reading

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Christianity is a Made Up Religion

And the best conspiracy theory ever!  How to answer an atheist with humor. Way to go Lutherans. H/T The Sacred Page.

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Convert hearts don’t win arguments

Heather King has a beautiful and profound post, on her Shirt of Flame blog. She has   some strong words for Catholics on both the right and left who engage in heat charged rhetoric. H?T Deacon Greg. Excerpt: To be a … Continue reading

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The Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Jimmy Akin has a video up: How did the Church Fathers explain the perpetual virginity of Mary. Enjoy!

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Real Love is Not Easy

Link to an excellent response on Catholic Exchange by Mary Kochan to a letter she received from a transsexual. Get thou there.

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Purgatory Part II

Part One is here Catholic Understanding of Faith Catholics and Lutherans agree that we are saved by faith alone. We cannot be justified before God by anything that we do. We are completely dependent on God’s free gift of grace. … Continue reading

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Purgatory and Justification Part One Update

First we will discuss Justification. A reader emailed me the following: Update: I am addressing Justification first because of the content of the email. I just don’t think that I can explain purgatory without first tackling how we are saved. … Continue reading

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Do Catholics Worship Mary and the Saints?

Do Catholics Worship Mary? Saints? No, But our statues do. H/T. Patrick Madrid.  Patrick is a Catholic writer and apologist. During an apologetics seminar in Chicago, he told of seeing the statue that I have embedded to the right. He … Continue reading

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Truth and Love

From the comment section on Home to Rome Jim writes: “In the United Church of Christ we say that “No Matter who you are or where you are on the Faith Journey, you are welcome here.” This guy is clearly … Continue reading

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Bloodlust Redux

A friend and RCIA team member asks in regard to this post : Anyway, what does it mean if I am a pro-life Christian and I understand the catechism but I’m not outraged by the execution in Utah? I guess … Continue reading

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