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A Protestant Discovers Sign of the Cross

And a few other items. I am really busy this weekend, and I am behind due to MS–mostly fatigue. I had always thought that making the sign of the cross was mainly a Catholic practice. But it seems that  some … Continue reading

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Brothers from the Bronx take on a tough Irish town

The Irish call Limerick stab city.  Moyross is a particularly poor and violent part of Limerick. It is a place of grinding poverty and hopelessness. Yet this is where a community of tough Franciscan friars are called to serve. PRI’s … Continue reading

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Rebels in a Habit

Even as a young child I knew that I did not have a call to the religious life. There is a reason that God never blessed my mother with another daughter. But these women are amazing! The average age is … Continue reading

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Holy Attire

Over at First Things, Elizabeth Scalia, aka The Anchoress, writes on why the religious habit is a good thing. Here is an  excerpt:                                                                                                        Sister was operating under a willful delusion; she justified forsaking the habit with appeals to solidarity, compassion, … Continue reading

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As Long As We Are on the Subject…..

Of Holy Silence. Here is a video on people who take it very seriously indeed.

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