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Holy Week: It is time to Confess

Another reason to be careful what you post on Facebook.  H/T Deacon Greg

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Baby Caught Tebowing on Ultrasound

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Need a Laugh?

Impressionist Jim Meskiem performs Clarence’s monologue from Shakespeare’s King Richard III in the voice of several celebrities.  I dare you not to laugh! H/T Deacon Greg.

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The Exorcist Commerical

Marcel, over at Aggie Catholics, wonders if this commercial is witty or offensive: Although it took too long to get to the “punch line”, I thought that the end was very funny. What do you think?

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Fainting on the Altar

I knew that my favorite deacon was in trouble.  As he began to read the prayers of the faithful, I noticed that he had a tight grip on the sides of the ambo, and his face was whiter than Dan … Continue reading

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The Mom Song

Heh. What a typical mom nags says in a typical day. Takes me back! H/T Man With Black Hat.

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Christianity is a Made Up Religion

And the best conspiracy theory ever!  How to answer an atheist with humor. Way to go Lutherans. H/T The Sacred Page.

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