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The Theology of the Barn Yard

People find themselves drawn to the Catholic Church and the RCIA for many different reasons. Each person has a unique conversion story. A few years ago there was a man who came through our RCIA that made quite an impression … Continue reading

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Surfer Priest Jailed as Teenager Hit by Divine 2×4 At 20

Fr. Don Calloway has a great story of conversion and redemption. H/T Deacon Greg. Let us pray that he doesn’t fall into the devils trap: the cult of celebrity priests.

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A Pagan Walks into a Catholic Mass…..

and stays. Why I’m Catholic (H/T Deacon Greg) has posted a powerful conversion      story. Christie Martin was a practicing Neopagan until she made the mistake of walking into a Catholic Mass.  My conversion to the Catholic Church took about three … Continue reading

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Home to Rome

A Presbyterian is in the process of coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. I can’t imagine the courage it must take for a Protestant to leave his church home in order to become a Catholic. While we can … Continue reading

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Welcome Home Mary Matalin

Deacon Kandra has the scoop: The Republican strategist, editor and talk show host (and wife of Democratic loud mouth, James Carville) spoke to the Catholic Media Convention last weekend. At one point, she mentioned that she was raised Methodist, but … Continue reading

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