Home to Rome

A Presbyterian is in the process of coming into full communion with the Catholic

Vatican City

Church. I can’t imagine the courage it must take for a Protestant to leave his church home in order to become a Catholic. While we can fell great joy we should never be triumphant.

It must be very hard for the church family that he is leaving behind. Please keep David Meyer, his family, and former congregation in your prayers.

David wrote a letter to explain why he is leaving. He writes in part:

According to Sola Scriptura, as defined by Keith Mathison,

Scripture is ‘the sole source of revelation; [the] the final authoritative norm of doctrine and practice; to be interpreted in and by the church, and that it [is] to be interpreted according to the regula fidei.’.

The problem with this doctrine is that when a believer disagrees with the leaders he is supposed to submit to, he then finds other leaders that agree with his interpretation to submit to. This is not submitting to church authority, it is submitting to self. Submitting to yourself is just another way of saying you don’t submit at all! There is a helpful way to remember this concept:

“If I only submit when I agree, the one to whom I submit is me.”


Read the whole letter here:http://newchristendom.blogspot.com/2010/06/letter-to-gspcpca.html

Again please keep him in your prayers. He is leaving his whole world behind.  I have heard some incredible conversion stories. Often, those who leave their church for the Catholic Church are ostracized by their friends and sometimes their extended family.

We cradle Catholics often take our faith for granted. But those who enter the Church as Adults, make sacrifices that we cannot truly understand.

About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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6 Responses to Home to Rome

  1. LeAnn Larsen says:

    I will pray for him. It takes great courage to make this decision.


  2. Susan Kehoe says:

    Yes, you would know. You have an awful lot of spunk yourself.


  3. Jim CastroLang says:

    In the United Church of Christ we say that “No Matter who you are or where you are on the Faith Journey, you are welcome here.” This guy is clearly in an important time in his faith journey. It is my hope that this is good for him and draws him closer to Christ and the fullness of living the faith. The greatest commandment is about love and not truth. Each person must find their way to live in the fullness of God’s love. I agree that you can’t be a Christian without a community of faith. The Roman Catholic Church offers a very structured community for those whose faith journey needs that kind of support to sort out the many questions of faith and life. I will pray for David on this next chapter in his faith journey. I celebrate the many communities of faith that support people in living the fullness of their Christian faith. I have found that community of faith in the United Church of Christ that has helped me on my faith journey.


    • Susan Kehoe says:

      I can’t adequately reply in the com box. So I am going to answer in a new post if that is okay with you. But just for the record, I am not a faithful Catholic, because I am weak and need support. Well except that none of us can do anything without God. Little ole me is not just following blindly either. Every day for close to twenty years, I have been studying the faith. I studied and reasoned myself back into the Church. Heh. I just wish that I could study my way into heaven. But it takes love. The kind that costs. The kind that hurts. Anyway look for a fuller answer in a new post.


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