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All Sin is Ugly. Get Thee to Confession.

I have often said that we all fall short of the Glory of God. We are fallen creatures. We sin.  All sin harms our relationship with God. Grave sins cuts us off from participating in the very life of God. … Continue reading

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Popes Angels Demons

Popes and Angels. There is a new book out by an Italian Priest, Fr. Marcello Stanzione, The Popes and Angels. Fr. has written several books on Angels in an attempt to promote devotion to them. The Church teaches that we … Continue reading

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Abortion: Evil has a Face

While it is true that we can never make a judgment that a person is evil, it is  also true that evil acts are perpetrated by actual human beings.  I just don’t know a person’s heart or state of mind. … Continue reading

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Excorcists Needed

Got demons? Who you gonna call? Demon busters! It seems that there is a shortage of priests who are trained exorcists. Exorcisms are rare, as most demon possessions are really serious mental illnesses. But there is an increase in people … Continue reading

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