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Sodom and Gomorrah Excavated

and the LORD rained down sulfur upon Sodom and Gomorrah,  fire from the LORD out of heaven. He overthrew those cities and the whole Plain, together with the inhabitants of the cities and the produce of the soil. 26But Lot’s wife looked … Continue reading

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The Tebow Effect

My favorite deacon has been a huge Denver Broncos fan for 38 years in the good times and  bad times.  Last night he had to leave the game before the end to preside at a funeral vigil. It was late … Continue reading

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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Fountain of Our Joy

From the National Catholic Register: ‘Fountain of Your Joy’ Draws the Faithful to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe A visit to the famous Mexican apparition site for the Dec. 12 feast. by CHRISTOPHER WHITE12/12/2011 Am I not here … Continue reading

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Advent: Change You Can Believe in

Sometimes words are superfluous. H/T Patrick Madrid

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Vatican II Stars Wars Theology?

This is either some what smart, weird, or the writer just has way too much time on his hands. H/T New Advent The outrageous but bizarrely supportable thesis statement that I lay before you is this: the Star Wars saga … Continue reading

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Immaculate Conception

The New Theological Movement ponders the question, Was Jesus Immaculately conceived, in order to explain the Immaculate Conception of Mary: Was Jesus immaculately conceived?  The dogma of the Immaculate Conception refers, as we know, to the blessed Virgin Mother of … Continue reading

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On the Blog Again.

Honest. We were visiting my son and his family for over a week to celebrate Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to post about it, as I didn’t think it was wise to announce that our house would be empty on a … Continue reading

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