Vatican II Stars Wars Theology?

This is either some what smart, weird, or the writer just has way too much time on his hands. H/T New Advent

The outrageous but bizarrely supportable thesis statement that I lay before you is this: the Star Wars saga symbolizes the history of Vatican II.  For those unschooled in the ways of Star Wars and recent Church History, this may not interest you … or will just be incoherent.  But without further ado, let me start at the beginning, a long time ago, in an Ecumenical Council far, far away …

Ok.  Well actually he makes some good connections. For example:

Anakin Skywalker (who becomes Darth Vader) is the Second Vatican Council.

The discovery of Anakin (the “Chosen One”) by the Jedi and the convening of the Council by the Clergy are both surprising and seem to come out of nowhere, although at the same time everyone knew they had to come, as alluded to by the historical memoirs of Pius XII and the Jedi Prophecy.  The Ecumenical Council was to “bring the Church into the Modern World,” as the Chosen One is to “bring balance to the Force.”  Both of them go completely awry.

Jar-Jar Binks is a Stupid Catholic

Jar-Jar Binks represents the really annoying, naive, wild, and even ethnic influences that drizzled into the liturgy and minds of Catholics and consequently empowered modernism to take more control, which is what happens in Episode II, when Jar-Jar is put in charge of Naboo Representation in the Senate and explicitly gives power over to the Supreme Chancellor, which enables Palpatine to secure his reign.  Jar-Jar is evil.


Darth Vader is the Spirit of Vatican II

Despite his grievous sins during his padawan years, the point at which Anakin takes a knee before the Dark Lord and says, “I submit myself to your teachings,” comes to us as rather unbelievable and insufficiently transitioned.  Yet, in an eerie way, isn’t this what suddenly happened to our beloved Council after its closing in the late 1960′s?  Didn’t it immediately become the very tool of Satan to destroy the Church, as the Emperor implemented Anakin to destroy the Galactic Republic?

The answer is: yes.  Vatican II was seduced by the dark side.  In the council’s name, the liberals destroyed the seminaries and gutted the churches.  What is the first thing Palpatine commands Anakin to do?  Purge the Jedi Temple.  Slaughter the padawans in training.  The Jedi nearly become extinct, as do the priests.  Vatican II’s name will live in infamy in the hearts and minds of a lot of faithful Catholics henceforth, just as Vader’s name will live in the rebels, who sought to restore the old ways, before the dark times … before the Empire.

Obi-Wan, upon seeing the ruins of his fallen apprentice after their duel, breaks his stoic mood and pours out his soul, hopeless, confused, shouting, “You were the Chosen One!  You were suppose to bring balance to the Force!  Not leave it in darkness!”  Paul VI, likewise, in the midst of the aftermath, at a papal audience, suddenly broke with his character, threw down his prepared notes, and cried out, “Where is the love for the Church?!”  Where was it indeed?  What had happened?


The Death Star is the Culture of Death

The Death Star symbolizes the Culture of Death, a whole world bent on universal conquest and purposed for the murder of millions of innocent lives, as it senselessly destroys Alderaan, a planet that is completely defenseless, without any weapons.  Paul VI, when the Culture of Death began to take shape, as it were, heard the “millions of voices [that] suddenly cried out, and were suddenly silenced” as Obi-Wan said when he sensed the planet’s destruction — a perfect image of abortion.  Alderaan, furthermore, is Leia’s planet, and thus, symbolically, the Church’s people, and the loss of so many lives on it represents the loss of so many souls in the Church because of abortion.

The heroes involved with saving the Church from the Culture of Death, i.e. rescuing Leia from the Death Star, was Paul VI, John Paul II, and the faithful Catholic laity … that is, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo.

I just gave you snippets . Catholic Star Wars fans go here for the entire essay.

May the force be with you.

Response: And with your spirit.

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