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In the News: Ireland Will not Excempt Confessions From Abuse Reporting

I have not been following the sex abuse scandal in the Irish Church as I just don’t have the  stomach for it.  My favorite deacon, however, has and he gave me a heads up on this rather shocking development. It … Continue reading

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Getting ashes on the fly

Many airports around the world offer religious services. Via the Denver Post: “Lent begins. The first of 40 days of sacrifice and reflection preceding the holiest day of the Christian calendar came Wednesday, even in the middle of a thrumming … Continue reading

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Lent is “biblical thing, not a made-up Catholic thing”

Well now.  I am so relieved. From the Associated Baptist Press: “It’s a biblical thing, not a made-up Catholic thing,” says Kyle Henderson, pastor of First Baptist Church in Athens, Texas, acknowledging a robust Baptist suspicion of spiritual practices seen … Continue reading

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Brothers from the Bronx take on a tough Irish town

The Irish call Limerick stab city.  Moyross is a particularly poor and violent part of Limerick. It is a place of grinding poverty and hopelessness. Yet this is where a community of tough Franciscan friars are called to serve. PRI’s … Continue reading

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The Church Persecuted

There is still no word of a Pardon for the Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan. Please pray for her and her family.

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On false gods, druids, and human sacrifice

Did you hear the latest news out of the United Kingdom? Well those long oppressed  Druids have finally been recognized as a “real” religion. Mark Shea provides the snark so I don’t have to: What passes for Druidry today is … Continue reading

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Learned Ignorance

One of the first things a participant in our RCIA class learns is that Deacon         Larry thinks that John’s gospel is the only gospel. He is particularly fond of the opening verses of the first chapter and he … Continue reading

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