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On false gods, druids, and human sacrifice

Did you hear the latest news out of the United Kingdom? Well those long oppressed  Druids have finally been recognized as a “real” religion. Mark Shea provides the snark so I don’t have to: What passes for Druidry today is … Continue reading

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Who Is A Christian? Obama? You?

This just in on my Google Alerts for the word Catholic from the USA Today Faith and Reason web site: Who, exactly, is “Christian”? Or Christian enough? Or the right  variation of Christian — i.e. probably the one you are … Continue reading

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Faith, Politics, and Another Deacon’s Wife

Kathy Obradovich is a political columnist for the Des Moines Register and the wife of a newly ordained deacon. I know her to be an intelligent and generous women. She began a recent article entitled Let’s Mix Faith-based service and … Continue reading

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Unless you have been living in a cloister for the past few months, you have probably heard about the controversy caused by the planned mosque and cultural center near ground zero. Polls suggest that while the majority of Americans believe … Continue reading

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I am the Lord your God. There is no Other. Updated

It seems that the religion of candidate for Governor of South Carolina is confusing the news media. Nikki Haley is a convert to Christianity from Sikhism. From The State: Still, some voters were confused by Haley’s campaign Web site, thinking … Continue reading

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Written on Every Human Heart

Knowledge of God is written on every human heart. The Church teaches that we can know something about God through human reason alone. St. Paul, pointed out that even though the Gentiles were not taught the law that  “what the … Continue reading

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Tis The Season….

For graduations and the celebration of Confirmation.There is an old ministry joke about the Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic clergy who had a common problem with bats in their Churches.  The Methodist and Lutheran minister tried everything, but they could not … Continue reading

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