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Deacons in Ireland

The Church in Ireland has resisted the permanent diaconate.  When my favorite deacon assists at Sunday Mass there, people can’t figure out what the heck he is. This has led to some humerus reactions like the time that the woman … Continue reading

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Milestone: The 5th Anniversary of My Favorite Deacon’s Ordination

                                                                                                                                                                                               It is hard to believe that five years ago today, my favorite deacon was ordained. It has been five years of learning on the go; five years of struggle; five years of many grace filled moments; five years of … Continue reading

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The Deacon in adeacons wife

My favorite deacon was at the Legislative Prayer for Life.

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Saint of the Day: St. Vincent of Saragossa

Today we celebrate the feast of one of the great martyred deacons of the Church. Please pray for all deacons of the Church today as well as those in formation. Vincent of Saragossa was one of the Church’s three most … Continue reading

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Sex and the Married Deacon

Ok, I am now going into territory that more angelic deacon wives might fear to   tread.  For several days the Catholic blogs have  been heating up on the question, “ are married deacons obligated under Canon Law to observe continence” … Continue reading

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We Were NOT Ordained

Deacon William T. Ditewig, has an excellent post up at his blog Deacons Today: Dalmatics and Beyond that addresses an issue that has bugged me ever since my husband began Deacon formation (H/T Deacon Greg Kandra) : “I can still … Continue reading

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Faith, Politics, and Another Deacon’s Wife

Kathy Obradovich is a political columnist for the Des Moines Register and the wife of a newly ordained deacon. I know her to be an intelligent and generous women. She began a recent article entitled Let’s Mix Faith-based service and … Continue reading

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A Husband Becomes a Deacon

It is the 4th anniversary of my husbands ordination. Have a blessed Day Deacon Larry! The picture below is of the Bishop presenting the Gospels while saying: Receive the Gospel of Christ, whose herald you have become. Believe what you … Continue reading

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Patron Saint of Deacons

St. Lawrence (or Laurence) of Rome, Deacon and Martyr    My favorite deacon’s first name is Laurence. Heh. That is probably why he received nearly 100 St. Lawrence holy cards for his ordination. St. Lawrence  was a deacon of the Church … Continue reading

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“Do not let your hearts be troubled:: 6th Sunday of Easter

I am too tired to write an original post and my  favorite deacon did not give a homily this weekend. So here is one from Deacon Greg Kandra (from my birthplace New York). A blessed Mother’s day to all!

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