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Surfer Priest Jailed as Teenager Hit by Divine 2×4 At 20

Fr. Don Calloway has a great story of conversion and redemption. H/T Deacon Greg. Let us pray that he doesn’t fall into the devils trap: the cult of celebrity priests.

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My Pastor Climbed a Mountain…

And Deacon Greg beat me to the punch. Again. Sigh. This early bird needs to start looking for worms much earlier.  I–and our entire parish–am just very thankful that Monsignor Bognanno made it back in one piece. Our prayers were … Continue reading

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Marriage and Ordained Ministers in the Catholic Church

A reader has a question,  “What is a Deacon? I thought Catholics had priests who are not married”. I am going to answer this in two posts. First there are three degrees of Holy Orders in the Catholic Church, bishop, … Continue reading

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Archbishop Chaput Is Moving to Philly

The Catholic blogosphere has been a buzz with the rumor for days. It broke yesterday while I was at a meeting at our diocesan center. This is great news! Archbishop Chaput is a strong and loving shepherd. Philadelphia has been … Continue reading

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The Fr. Corapi Saga Ends Badly

Sorry about not blogging in a while. My favorite deacon and I drove to Denver to visit my parents. It was great to spend time with Mom and Dad, but I really hate the drive. I spent all of my … Continue reading

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A Deacon’s Wife Interviewed for Our Sunday Visitor

I was interviewed, via email, by Scott Alessi for Our Sunday Visitor.  He has a very informative article, Permanent diaconate: A ministry of service.  BTW the picture is of me and my favorite deacon at his ordination. In addition, blush, … Continue reading

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Fake Woman Priest: Iowa Edition

This was in yesterday’s Des Moines Register:  Kusner says a sense of social justice drove her to become Iowa’s first “womanpriest.” She is a priest in the Roman Catholic tradition, but the church forbids female clergy, so she has been … Continue reading

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A Fisher of Men Catches A Really Big Fish

This is tre cool! H/T New Advent It may not have been the Deadliest Catch, but Bishop Edward Burns, the Pittsburgher at the helm of the Diocese of Juneau, Alaska, certainly had an impressive one. He went fishing with a … Continue reading

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Father Z on Fr. John Corapi

  Fr. Z has some wise and sober words for all of us. I will give him the final word on the matter. Excerpt: Given what I have been seeing and experiencing, I believe the verse many priests pray every … Continue reading

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Fr. John Corapi Is Now the Black Sheepdog

I was never a fan of Fr. Corapi; he is just not my cuppa. But his video announcement, that he is leaving the Priesthood is just plain sad and disturbing. He has fallen into the trap that awaits Priests who … Continue reading

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