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Are You Willing to Die for Christ?

Monsignor Pope has a challenging post up for Holy Week. Excerpt: “So to stitch the questions together: Has Christ given you life and joy, and thus made you an effective witness, that turns many from the sinful and confused world … Continue reading

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Discerning Hearts

Need a spiritual retreat?  Having trouble jump starting your Lent?  Check out this great blog, Discerning Hearts .  H/T Dr. Tom Neal.

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About the Radio Show….

The radio show was a blast.  Not that I said anything profound. It was a great opportunity to spend time with like minded Catholics who are called to evangelize. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I shared … Continue reading

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Invite People Into the Church

Monsignor Pope has an ambitious evangelization plan to double Mass attendance! “It is a true fact that simply increasing numbers is not the only, or even most important goal. But rather, that we should authentically evangelize and draw souls to … Continue reading

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The 99 Lost Sheep:20 Somethings and the Catholic Church

The Church is losing young people. Outreach to the twenty something demographic has been, for the most part, a failure. How do we go about evangelizing young adults in a culture which brands Catholics as anti-women, puritanical, homophobic bigots? Well … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds of Faith

I spent a few years as a DRE (Director of Religious Education) in two parishes.  Just as in most jobs there were things that I liked and didn’t like about the job.  I didn’t expect that working for a parish … Continue reading

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Make Disciples of All Nations

The Art of Evangelization For many years I was a just in case Catholic. I went to Mass, on a semi regular basis, just in case there really was a hell. Just in case the Church was true. Then I … Continue reading

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