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The Hell There Is

I really intended to blog every day. Really. Well you know what they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While we are on the subject of hell, Carl Olson, H/T New Advent, refutes One bad of … Continue reading

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Marriage: the core of every civilization

Archbishop Dolon explains marriage excerpt (H/T New Advent); This frenzied group, taunting the people as they left Mass, were rabid in criticizing the Catholic Church, especially her bishops, for our teaching that homosexuals deserve dignity and respect. To be more … Continue reading

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Archbishop to Flock: Cohabitation is a Grave Sin

Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan Archbishop of Santa Fe, has some strong words for his flock in his  Pastoral Care of Couples Who are Cohabitating. H/T Fr. Z and Deacon Greg. Excerpt We have three groups of people who are … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI, Hans Kung and Catholicism’s Future

Reading Hans Kung in the 1970’s nearly destroyed my faith. Reading Pope Benedict drew me back to Christ. Samuel Gregg, of  the Acton Institute compares and contrasts recent books by the two German scholars. Excerpt H/T The Pulpit: After Vatican … Continue reading

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Philosopher’s new book appeals to reason alone to make pro-life case

Via New Advent. Catholic News Agency reports that Doctor Christopher Kaczor, a professor of philosophy, has a new book out where he argues the pro life position from reason without appealing to religious or theological arguments. Excerpt Instead of appealing … Continue reading

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US Bishops: New Way Ministries is NOT Catholic

WASHINGTON (March 11, 2011)—The chairs of two committees of the USCCB have reaffirmed that New Ways Ministry’s material is not in conformity with the Church. Read the Bishop’s statement here. Deacon Fournier has a commentary on New Way Ministries . … Continue reading

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Bodily Upgrades

When I talk about the resurrection of our bodies at the end of time, I usually quip, “sure hope that I get a new and improved one”. Msgr. Pope speculates that scripture tells us that we will: “So, rejoice! The … Continue reading

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Christian Teens

This article reports that most Christian teens are lukewarm, at best, about their faith. The study, which included in-depth interviews with at least 3,300 American teenagers between 13 and 17, found that most American teens who called themselves Christian were … Continue reading

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Real Love is Not Easy

Link to an excellent response on Catholic Exchange by Mary Kochan to a letter she received from a transsexual. Get thou there.

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Marriage Wars

I have been intending to post on the same sex marriage as it relates to heterosexual Christian marriage in order to respond to a readers comment on this post . But getting ready for RCIA, and a bit of writers … Continue reading

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