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American Atheists are Coming to Des Moines

My pastor just told me that, (I somehow missed their billboards), The  American Atheists are  holding their national convention later this month in Des Moines.  I really don’t understand why people invest so much time and energy into something that … Continue reading

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Philosopher’s new book appeals to reason alone to make pro-life case

Via New Advent. Catholic News Agency reports that Doctor Christopher Kaczor, a professor of philosophy, has a new book out where he argues the pro life position from reason without appealing to religious or theological arguments. Excerpt Instead of appealing … Continue reading

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Faith AND Reason; Science AND Miracle

The Wall Street Journal has this headline in today’s paper: Chile’s Rescue Formula: ‘75% Science, 25% Miracle’ Amen. Catholic that I am, I am very good at asserting “both” instead of either or”. It seems, however, that I missed a … Continue reading

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