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Saints of the Week

It has been a bit hectic in Casa Kehoe, so I missed a few Saints this week. The memorial of St. Angela Merici was celebrated o n January 27. You can read about her here. Yesterday, January 28, was the … Continue reading

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Is There Something Wrong With the Scientific Method?

Some atheists assert that they do not believe anything that cannot be observed, experienced, and proven by the scientific method.  Since you can not observe God or verify His existence by means of the scientific method, God does not exist. … Continue reading

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Faithful Catholics are Neither Brainwashed Nor Mindless Robots

Critical thinking, like common sense, is not very common. Instead of reasoned discourse when refuting an argument, an appeal to feelings is employed.  Often  an attack is made against the person expressing a point of view (ad hominem) instead of … Continue reading

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Pro Life Anti Abortion March in D.C.

The annual Pro life March in Washington D.C. is attended by hundreds of thousands  of people who  come to protest  the evil of abortion.  It is also the largest non reported, or at least under reported, national protest. Last year … Continue reading

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Feast Day: The Conversion of St. Paul

By his own account, St. Paul was an enthusiastic Jewish persecutor of the first Christians.  In his zeal for the law, he was responsible for the death and imprisonment of many Christian men and women.  He was present at the … Continue reading

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Saint of the Day: St. Francis De Sales, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

From the Catholic Culture web site: “How Francis developed a gentle and amiable disposition is a story in itself; he was not born a saint. By nature his temperament was choleric, fiery; little was needed to throw him into a … Continue reading

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The Life of John Paul II

I just stumbled on a bit of trivia about Pope John Paul II from Erica Bonnell on the Washington Times web site.  It seems that he is the only Pope to have the story of his life presented in a … Continue reading

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Violence in Tuscon: Judge John Roll

I don’t know how I missed this. It is so clear to me, even as I don’t live it, that we are but pilgrims on this earthly vale of tears. Our true home is Zion the heavenly Jerusalem. Archbishop Chaput … Continue reading

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Pope: Marriage is not an Absolute Right

While every Catholic has a right to the Sacraments of the Church, this right is not without a corresponding responsibility on the part of the faithful. In other words, Sacraments are big deals and should not be trifled with. VATICAN … Continue reading

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Saint of the Day: St. Vincent of Saragossa

Today we celebrate the feast of one of the great martyred deacons of the Church. Please pray for all deacons of the Church today as well as those in formation. Vincent of Saragossa was one of the Church’s three most … Continue reading

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