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Sex and the Married Deacon

Ok, I am now going into territory that more angelic deacon wives might fear to   tread.  For several days the Catholic blogs have  been heating up on the question, “ are married deacons obligated under Canon Law to observe continence” … Continue reading

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Will the Tuscon Shooting Outlaw Metaphors?

It seems to much of the media metaphors are deadly triggers. Oops perhaps I             shouldn’t have used deadly or trigger.  Pat Archbold has a tongue in cheek post up at the National Catholic Register, Incendiary Stupidity or Killing Incivility. He … Continue reading

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The Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Jimmy Akin has a video up: How did the Church Fathers explain the perpetual virginity of Mary. Enjoy!

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Saint of the Day: St. Fabian, Pope and St. Sebastian

We have a twofer today as we celebrate these brave men who were martyred. The martyrs of the Church are a constant reminder that we are but pilgrims on this earth. Our true home is the kingdom of God. The … Continue reading

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