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Discipleship in a Fractured America

There is no denying that the American experiment is in deep trouble. We are a deeply divided people. The chasm between us has widened caused by a trifecta of pandemic, BLM protests, and insurrection. President elect Biden says he is … Continue reading

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Day 2 of Fortnight for Freedom

Today we celebrate the martyrs  St. Thomas Moore and St. John Fisher. Fr. Longenecker has posted a timely reminder: On this feast day of St Thomas More we do well to remember that the Tudor Revolution in England (sometimes given … Continue reading

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Dissent in the Twilight Zone

I am still working on a post about the Church’s stance on homosexuality and same sex   “marriage”.  In the meantime the US Bishops have just issued the following statement concerning two Creighton University professors : WASHINGTON (September 22, 2010)—The United … Continue reading

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She Is Beautiful

The Catholic Church that is. In an earlier post, The Mystical Body of Christ, I wrote: “Yes the Church is an institution. As an institution it has a visible reality: Vatican City, Cathedrals, the Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, pews full … Continue reading

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On Rituals and Men

This is cool

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Bloodlust Redux

A friend and RCIA team member asks in regard to this post : Anyway, what does it mean if I am a pro-life Christian and I understand the catechism but I’m not outraged by the execution in Utah? I guess … Continue reading

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Learned Ignorance

For the past forty years, Catholics have endured Barney theology.  Catechesis that ignores the rich Tradition of the Fathers, of the centuries.  Catechesis that fails to go any further than “Jesus loves you”.  We condescend to our young people and … Continue reading

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Barque of Peter: Cruise Ship?

Our Bishop, Bishop Pates has strong words ,in his pastoral letter on adolescent catechesis, on the importance of participating in the Sunday Eucharist: Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York in a recent letter commented, “If you want … Continue reading

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The Church Is Not a Corporation

The Archbishop of Denver has a good article in First Things concerning lawsuits against the Church in the context of what the Church is and is not. Excerpt: Every bishop in the United States has a filial love for the … Continue reading

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In the World Not Of the World.

I was recently asked, in a workshop that I was giving, “why doesn’t the Church come into the modern world?  This question followed a discussion of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and the exclusion of women from the Priesthood. The … Continue reading

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