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Baby Got Book?

Dr. Tom Neal is the director of the St. Joseph’s Educational Center for the Diocese of Des Moines. He is a theologian and a gifted teacher. I always take something profound from his talks even when I know the subject … Continue reading

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Our Choices Shape Our Eternity

Posting has been infrequent around here lately.  While I do have a lot of projects on the table right now, that isn’t  the whole story. Truth be told if wasting time was an Olympic event, I would be, the not … Continue reading

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Jesus The Divine Law Giver

It is very difficult to convince progressive Christians that Jesus did not do away with the ten commandments or that he never spoke of hell. Quoting scripture usually fails to convince. Yesterday, the 6th Sunday in Ordinary time, the Gospel … Continue reading

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God’s Word: Not For Wimps

Archbishop Chaput has,IMHO, a profound article over at First Things: Fire On The Earth: God’s New Creation and the Meaning of Our Lives. Excerpt: One of my favorite Christian authors, writing about the Christianity of his day, said that popular … Continue reading

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