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Goodbye 2016 and good riddance

Well 2016 was a heck of a year. The elections primary and general were just plain weird. I was a #never Hillary and #never Trump voter.  Our ruling class has descended to the bottom of the sewer. Along with our … Continue reading

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“Put No Trust in Princes”

Put no trust in princes, in children of Adam powerless to   save. Who breathing his last, returns to the earth; that day all his planning comes to nothing.Psalm 146:3-4 There is a lot of post election blues and even some … Continue reading

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Catholics in the Public Square

As I wrote in this blog post too many Catholics put their faith in a particular     political party before their Catholic faith. Excerpt: While I believe that our faith should inform our political choices, politics should not inform our faith.  … Continue reading

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Political Twist And Shout

While I believe that our faith should inform our political choices, politics should not inform our faith.  In the increasingly divided country that we live in, Christians are too often influenced by the tribal party that they identify with instead … Continue reading

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Eating Our Young

It seems that we are winning the race, but it is not one Christians should want to win: The head of the World Health Organization signaled Wednesday the United States — not Canada — was on the right track over … Continue reading

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Welcome Home Mary Matalin

Deacon Kandra has the scoop: The Republican strategist, editor and talk show host (and wife of Democratic loud mouth, James Carville) spoke to the Catholic Media Convention last weekend. At one point, she mentioned that she was raised Methodist, but … Continue reading

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Speaker Pelosi the Theologian?

Madame speaker, who is a Catholic, has a history of contradicting the Pope, the Bishops and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  It has not been widely reported for some reason, but here she goes again, only this time she … Continue reading

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