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Catholic Baby Boomers Have a Lot to Answer for.

The Crescat wants to buy the priest in this video a beer. Warning: video may cause orthodox baby boomers to hang our graying heads in shame. This priest is truly saintly—talk about speaking truth with love. I really don’t know … Continue reading

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Innocence Lost: Child Given Botox

Things are so much better for girls and women since we have been liberated from old fashioned ideas on sex, marriage, chastity, and modesty.  Females are judged based on their intelligence and character not on physical attributes. Yea right.  H/T … Continue reading

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Pretend Woman Deacon Comes Home to Rome

This is wonderful news. One of the women ordained by the media in 2007 ,  has publicly renounced her actions and admitted her error. Norma Jean Coon, on her website writes (H/T Fr. Z): On July 22, 2007, I was … Continue reading

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“Media Ordains Female Priests”

Heh. So says Molly over at Get Religion . She has a great take down on a Time Magazine article, by Dawn Reiss, which has a ridiculous and ill informed headline: The Push to Ordain Female Priests Gains Ground I … Continue reading

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Valley Woman Not A Catholic Priest Because Gender Does Matter

This woman is Not a Catholic Priest.                                                                  Sigh. These older woman just don’t get it. There never will be women priests in the Catholic Church. Never. It is just not possible. It is settled doctrine.  The Church simply does not … Continue reading

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I Feel Therefore I Am

A Catholic Priest even when I  am not. H/T Get Religion. The headline screams “Congregation ordains Catholic female pastor” Notice how the first letter of Catholic is capitalized when the other words are not (except the first word). It gets … Continue reading

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The Real Deal

Now these are what I call real super women, and true feminists: Check them out

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