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Oh My. The End Must be NIgh

Just when I have been thinking that Americans have become so polarized that agreement on anything is impossible, I see this headline (H/T New Advent) National Catholic Journals Unite: ‘Capital Punishment Must End’  Joint Editorial of America, National Catholic Register, National … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom is So Last Century

The US Catholic bishops have been routinely mocked for their stance against the HHS mandate. Their concerns have been misunderstood. The bishops are not worried that Americans will not be allowed to worship. But they are concerned that our constitutional … Continue reading

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Reasons to Vote for the Not Obama Candidate

I am simply Catholic. Not a Democrat. Not a Republican. This election has my brain in a twist. On one hand, I can’t vote for Obama. He has jumped the shark on abortion and freedom of religion. On the other … Continue reading

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Violence is Not the Answer

Well unless you have been hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, I am sure that you have read about Todd Akin’s  lamer than lame comments on why he doesn’t support abortion in the case of rape. That is what happens … Continue reading

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Courageous and Silent No More

Katrina Fernandez is one gutsy gal and a powerful witness (H/T Mark Shea): “Abortion advocates will never admit a post-abortive woman is a Mother because to admit that would acknowledge the existence that there was once a child. Not a … Continue reading

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Medical Ethics Journal Argues for Infanticide

The Journal of Medical Ethics recently published an article which argues that after-birth abortions, otherwise known as infanticide should be permitted. The abstract sums up the paper: Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to … Continue reading

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Choose Life

I would like to post a length response to a comment made on this post. Sherri thinks that pro-lifers are judgmental toward women who consider abortion. Right now, I just don’t have time to give a full response, but Erin … Continue reading

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