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Oh My. The End Must be NIgh

Just when I have been thinking that Americans have become so polarized that agreement on anything is impossible, I see this headline (H/T New Advent) National Catholic Journals Unite: ‘Capital Punishment Must End’  Joint Editorial of America, National Catholic Register, National … Continue reading

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Pro Life means Pro Life

(Reuters) – Philadelphia prosecutors paved the way in court on Wednesday toward seeking the death penalty for a doctor accused of killing live, viable babies at his abortion clinic. Prosecutors filed notice that the case against Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who … Continue reading

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Bloodlust Redux

A friend and RCIA team member asks in regard to this post : Anyway, what does it mean if I am a pro-life Christian and I understand the catechism but I’m not outraged by the execution in Utah? I guess … Continue reading

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From Joseph Bottum at First Things: They Did It They did it, the blood-hungry fools. Last night, just after midnight out in Draper, Utah, they trussed up Ronnie Lee Gardner like a scarecrow, pinned a target on him, and pumped … Continue reading

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