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Deacons in Ireland

The Church in Ireland has resisted the permanent diaconate.  When my favorite deacon assists at Sunday Mass there, people can’t figure out what the heck he is. This has led to some humerus reactions like the time that the woman … Continue reading

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Courageous and Silent No More

Katrina Fernandez is one gutsy gal and a powerful witness (H/T Mark Shea): “Abortion advocates will never admit a post-abortive woman is a Mother because to admit that would acknowledge the existence that there was once a child. Not a … Continue reading

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The Bishop vs the Gay Teen

I really didn’t want to write about this story even though it is in my neck of the woods. The constant barrage of anti Catholic rants coming from our culture in general and the MSM in particular is just getting … Continue reading

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When I said that I am considering voting for the not Obama candidate…

I didn’t mean Anyone but: Convict wins 40% of votes against Obama in US primary US President Barack Obama had to fight off stiff competition from a convict in West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday. Although Mr Obama’s path … Continue reading

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North Carolina Rejects Same Sex Marriage 61% to 38%

Perhaps same sex marriage will not be forced on us as soon as I thought. North Carolina is the 31st state to reject same sex marriage in the voting booth.  Unfortunately here in Iowa we did not get to vote. … Continue reading

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I Want to Go Where Nobody Knows My Name

Hi remember me? Yes I am okay, and I have every intention to continue this blog.  The reason that this blog has been dormant for so long is that MS decided to flare up just as 1st communion and Confirmation … Continue reading

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