The Bishop vs the Gay Teen

I really didn’t want to write about this story even though it is in my neck of the woods. The constant barrage of anti Catholic rants coming from our culture in general and the MSM in particular is just getting tiresome.

Look the kid admits he was not bullied. He was, apparently, treated with respect and dignity.  Heck the Catholic school even allowed Keaton Fuller to bring a date—another boy—to the school dance. That a Catholic school would allow such a thing is just plain exasperating.

Joanne K. McPortland who blogs at egregious twaddle didn’t want to blog on this story either. She is a revert who admits that the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, is the thorn in the flesh of my reversion.

But she does have an excellent grasp of what the Church teaches and why. She knows what the Bishop versus gay teen outrage is really about:


“Long prelude and wandering tangents aside, the decision by Bishop Amos of Davenport not to allow a representative of the Eychaner Foundation to present Keaton Fuller with its Matthew Shepard Scholarship at the Prince of Peace graduation ceremonies is correct, within the bishop’s rights, and completely nondiscriminatory. The Eychaner Foundation advocates for gay rights, among which are engaging in homosexual relationships and gay marriage. This advocacy runs counter to Catholic teaching, so for a Catholic school to provide the Eychaner Foundation with a bully pulpit (and I use that phrase deliberately) at Prince of Peace’s graduation ceremonies would be inappropriate. Bishop Amos rightly congratulates Mr Fuller on his accomplishments and has no problem with the scholarship being announced by a school official–as, by the way, every scholarship I’ve ever seen or read about being awarded is handled, as I am certain all other scholarships being awarded to members of Mr Fuller’s graduating class will be handled. That is not discrimination or, as Salon puts it, “an anti-gay snub.”

Joanne goes on to lay out the facts. It is a long post, but it is well written. It is certainly not twaddle. It is telling that the Eychaner foundation had made three other attempts at Catholic schools to  present the award, but they were turned down.  So they cannot claim ignorance. Clearly they were attempting to make a public statement at the expense of the Catholic Church.   Get though there and read the whole post.

About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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5 Responses to The Bishop vs the Gay Teen

  1. pinkagendist says:

    A “bully pulpit” is when we ask other people to live THEIR LIVES the way we think is right instead of the way THEY THINK is right.


  2. Susan Kehoe says:

    No. The origin of the term Bully Pulpit originated with President Teddy Roosevelt. He was referring to the fact that his office was a perfect platform for pushing his views or agenda. But I agree with you in one sense. The Eychaner foundation was using their “bully pulpit” to push the Catholic Church into validating their agenda.
    Your argument works both ways.


  3. John B. says:

    “…the Catholic school even allowed Keaton Fuller to bring a date—another boy—to the school dance. That a Catholic school would allow such a thing is just plain exasperating.”
    I’m not sure why. The church teaches that it is only homosexual acts that are sinful. His classmates and staff all knew the boy was gay. Was he supposed to bring a girl or stay home? Is their attending a dance together considered a “sexual act?” Any more than the other kids? Or is the boys’ attraction, friendship, or joining in the dancing sinful in itself?


  4. Susan Kehoe says:

    They came as a couple. It, in a Catholic, school sends the wrong message. It gives the impression that the school is sanctioning same sex activity. Certainly unmarried heterosexuals are to be celibate and they should be modest in dress and how they comport themselves as a couple. Those with same sex attractions who dance together, hold hands etc. cause confusion as they can not marry.


  5. Suse says:

    Cause confusion? For who exactly? If people are confused about two boys dancing and holding hands, they would have to be pretty ignorant.


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