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When I said that I am considering voting for the not Obama candidate…

I didn’t mean Anyone but: Convict wins 40% of votes against Obama in US primary US President Barack Obama had to fight off stiff competition from a convict in West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday. Although Mr Obama’s path … Continue reading

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North Carolina Rejects Same Sex Marriage 61% to 38%

Perhaps same sex marriage will not be forced on us as soon as I thought. North Carolina is the 31st state to reject same sex marriage in the voting booth.  Unfortunately here in Iowa we did not get to vote. … Continue reading

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Where Have all the Anti War Protestors Gone?

Mark Shea points out that under President Obama the US is now involved in five wars. Yet the anti war protestors have disappeared.  One of the reasons that Obama was elected was due to statements such as this: The President … Continue reading

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Controversial Black Genocide Billboards Featuring Obama Go Up in Chicago

The billboards are quite aggressive, and in very bad taste.                                                          H/T Deacon Greg Kandra CHICAGO, March 28, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Thirty pro-life billboards featuring the image of Barack Obama are going up in South Chicago, U.S. president Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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Who Is A Christian? Obama? You?

This just in on my Google Alerts for the word Catholic from the USA Today Faith and Reason web site: Who, exactly, is “Christian”? Or Christian enough? Or the right  variation of Christian — i.e. probably the one you are … Continue reading

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