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Philosopher’s new book appeals to reason alone to make pro-life case

Via New Advent. Catholic News Agency reports that Doctor Christopher Kaczor, a professor of philosophy, has a new book out where he argues the pro life position from reason without appealing to religious or theological arguments. Excerpt Instead of appealing … Continue reading

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Saint of the Day

I am behind on the Saints. Today we celebrate St. Teresa Benedicta of The Cross (Edith Stein). Youngest of seven children in a Jewish family. Edith lost interest and faith in Judaism by age 13. Brilliant student and philosopher with … Continue reading

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A Catholic teaching Catholicism. Oh my!

File this under water is wet and the Pope is (gasp) Catholic. Professor Ken Howell at the University of Illinois, was fired for expressing his Catholic Philosophical and moral view point.  Okay, it is a Public University. But oh wait, … Continue reading

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