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Christian Teens

This article reports that most Christian teens are lukewarm, at best, about their faith. The study, which included in-depth interviews with at least 3,300 American teenagers between 13 and 17, found that most American teens who called themselves Christian were … Continue reading

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Real Love is Not Easy

Link to an excellent response on Catholic Exchange by Mary Kochan to a letter she received from a transsexual. Get thou there.

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Marriage Wars

I have been intending to post on the same sex marriage as it relates to heterosexual Christian marriage in order to respond to a readers comment on this post . But getting ready for RCIA, and a bit of writers … Continue reading

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Fact vs Fiction

Do progressives actually read the 16 documents of the council?  Study them? If they do, they really must have to be mental contortionists to contend that the Council affirmed the progressive agenda. This time it is a sociologist. In an … Continue reading

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Free To Be

According to the Church true freedom is not the right to choose to do anything that we want. Not all choices are good. Many choices on the buffet, choosing abortion for example, are evil. When we go against God and … Continue reading

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Dark Holes of Despair

Disclosure: I have Deacon’s permission to tell this story. It was Good Friday in 1995. Deacon and I had moved back from Ireland in February. Deacon was looking for work. We were living with my parents. All of our things … Continue reading

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Purgatory Part II

Part One is here Catholic Understanding of Faith Catholics and Lutherans agree that we are saved by faith alone. We cannot be justified before God by anything that we do. We are completely dependent on God’s free gift of grace. … Continue reading

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