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The Scandal of Christians Who Support Torture

Bill Knight (of GateHouse News Service) writes, H/T Mark Shea:  A favorite Psalm sings, “You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.” But when modern “arrows” are explosives, it’s awfully difficult to be … Continue reading

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Why Do we Suffer?

Too often the problem is a deal breaker for people searching for God. Peter Kreeft, one of the few real Catholic professors at Boston University, dissects the problem of  evil (H/T Deacon Greg Kandra): There are four parts to the … Continue reading

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Calling all Prayer Warriors

This poor woman really needs our heart felt compassion and prayers (H/T Erin  Manning): “I’m getting an abortion next Friday and I haven’t told anyone about my decision, mainly because all of my friends are gossipy and close-knit, and word … Continue reading

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Stumbling Block to Faith

The hardest question for people of faith to answer is, if there is a all powerful, loving, and merciful God why does He allow evil and suffering to exist?  How do we answer this legitimate question in a way that … Continue reading

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Lord Have Mercy

If this is true it is a great evil. If true, it is a grave offense against God and the people of God. I am skeptical. But that is my nature.  Still, why not show faces? Why is the priest … Continue reading

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Dark Holes of Despair

Disclosure: I have Deacon’s permission to tell this story. It was Good Friday in 1995. Deacon and I had moved back from Ireland in February. Deacon was looking for work. We were living with my parents. All of our things … Continue reading

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