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The Hollowing of Grief

Dad died suddenly just after 2 am on July 4th. Grief, I am learning, is an odd emotional state to be in. The moment that I saw Dad on the floor, I knew that he was gone. In that moment … Continue reading

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Faith And a Pint of Guinness

A reader has alerted me to an interesting blog, Catholic Drinkie. The blogger, Sarah, is passionate about her faith, and she loves beer. In moderation of course. Her blog is almost a virtual Theology on Tap. I think that my … Continue reading

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God in the Mine

The fifth miner up was Jimmy Sanchez. Yesterday, he sent up a note reading, “There are actually 34 of us [in the mine], because God has never left us down here.” He is 18 years old. The story of the … Continue reading

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Purgatory Part II

Part One is here Catholic Understanding of Faith Catholics and Lutherans agree that we are saved by faith alone. We cannot be justified before God by anything that we do. We are completely dependent on God’s free gift of grace. … Continue reading

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Faith Seen and Unseen

“Blessed are they who have not seen and have believed” Today is the feast day of  the Apostle, St. Thomas. Poor St. Thomas he gave up everything to follow our Lord, but he is best known for saying the following: … Continue reading

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Home to Rome

A Presbyterian is in the process of coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. I can’t imagine the courage it must take for a Protestant to leave his church home in order to become a Catholic. While we can … Continue reading

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Church Signs:Just Keep Swimming

Hang in and Just Keep Swimming! Update: Deacon thinks this is as bad as our Pastors’ jokes.

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