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Invite People Into the Church

Monsignor Pope has an ambitious evangelization plan to double Mass attendance! “It is a true fact that simply increasing numbers is not the only, or even most important goal. But rather, that we should authentically evangelize and draw souls to … Continue reading

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A Pagan Walks into a Catholic Mass…..

and stays. Why I’m Catholic (H/T Deacon Greg) has posted a powerful conversion      story. Christie Martin was a practicing Neopagan until she made the mistake of walking into a Catholic Mass.  My conversion to the Catholic Church took about three … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Liturgical Cop

My favorite deacon and I have been having many discussions about liturgy, or rather, bad liturgy.  After 40 years of liturgical abuse, major, minor and everything in-between, by both the progressive and orthodox fractions in the Church we have a … Continue reading

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Turning To The Lord Together

Fr. Richard Simon, AKA Rev. Know it all, has a thought provoking reflection on the Mass after facing away from the congregation during specific parts of one Mass. Now he wishes that he had not, but not for the reason … Continue reading

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