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Do Beautiful Churches Produce Vocations?

Father Dwight Longenecker thinks they might along with beautiful liturgy. Excerpt We then have to ask what these churches say about the faith, for the church building is a sacramental. It states what we believe. A building, whether we like … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Liturgical Cop

My favorite deacon and I have been having many discussions about liturgy, or rather, bad liturgy.  After 40 years of liturgical abuse, major, minor and everything in-between, by both the progressive and orthodox fractions in the Church we have a … Continue reading

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Turning To The Lord Together

Fr. Richard Simon, AKA Rev. Know it all, has a thought provoking reflection on the Mass after facing away from the congregation during specific parts of one Mass. Now he wishes that he had not, but not for the reason … Continue reading

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Bury The Eulogy. Please

I have heard some pretty bad and or inappropriate eulogies. Eulogies are always  inappropriate at a Catholic funeral Mass, but for pastoral reasons they are often allowed. If I die first, Deacon Larry will be giving the homily. He has … Continue reading

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It is Divine

The Liturgy that is. The Vatican has approved a new translation of the Roman Missal, the text for the order of the Mass. It is closer to the original which is in Latin.  It is hoped that it will help … Continue reading

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