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On Being an Authentic Christian Witness

There is much to munch on in a post entitled, Father Corapi and Authentic Christian Witness, by Anthony S. Layne on Outside the Asylum. Excerpt: So it is with authentic Christian witness. Ideally, a Christian properly formed and catechized isn’t … Continue reading

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The Fr. Corapi Saga Ends Badly

Sorry about not blogging in a while. My favorite deacon and I drove to Denver to visit my parents. It was great to spend time with Mom and Dad, but I really hate the drive. I spent all of my … Continue reading

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Fr. John Corapi Is Now the Black Sheepdog

I was never a fan of Fr. Corapi; he is just not my cuppa. But his video announcement, that he is leaving the Priesthood is just plain sad and disturbing. He has fallen into the trap that awaits Priests who … Continue reading

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When Heroes Bite the Dust to Which We Shall Return.

Since becoming a young adult, I have avoided making idols of men and women. Well at least I don’t make heroes or saints out of the earth bound ones no matter how saintly an individual my appear. This is especially … Continue reading

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Look Through the Priest and See Jesus

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, commenting on Fr. Corapi, offers much food for thought.  Although we do not know if the accusations against Fr. Corapi are true, we should be careful not to put Priests on pedestals. Yes they represent Christ, but … Continue reading

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