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Same Sex Marriage: Have We Lost the War or Just a Few Key Battles?

Since New York passed the same sex marriage bill, the wild, wild, web has been awash with commentary.  Proponents are elated. Opponents are depressed.  It seems that proponents are on the right side of history. Opponents are bigots stuck in … Continue reading

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Maureen Dowd On the Rant Again

Ok. I get it. The New York times and Maureen Dowd really, really hate all things Catholic. Well all things that are orthodox Catholic.  The aging baby boomer dissenters they just  adore. She is outraged by the blogging Archbishop of … Continue reading

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Anti Abortion Billboard Removed

You may have heard about an anti-abortion billboard in New York that was taken     down after massive pressure. New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan has weighed in with some Unpleasant Truths . (H/T Deacon Greg). Excerpt: “Here in New York, a … Continue reading

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