Maureen Dowd On the Rant Again

Ok. I get it. The New York times and Maureen Dowd really, really hate all things Catholic. Well all things that are orthodox Catholic.  The aging baby boomer dissenters they just  adore.

She is outraged by the blogging Archbishop of New York,  But she does not offer reasoned debate. Instead she rants:

With his cigars, blogs, Jameson’s and Irish affability, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan prides himself on his gumption.

Certainly his effort to kill the gay marriage bill, just one vote away from passing in Albany, shows a lot of gall.

The archbishop has been ferocious in fighting against marriage between same-sex couples, painting it as a perversity against nature.

If only his church had been as ferocious in fighting against the true perversity against nature: the unending horror of pedophile priests and the children who trusted them.

In the second-generation round of the Church vs. Cuomo, Archbishop Dolan is pitted against Andrew Cuomo, the Catholic governor who is fiercely pushing for New York to become the sixth and most populous state to approve gay marriage.

Governor Cuomo was already on the wrong side of the church for his support of abortion rights, his divorce and his living in “sin” with the Food Network star Sandra Lee. He was accused by the Vatican adviser Edward Peters of “public concubinage,” as it’s known in canon law, and Peters recommended that Cuomo be denied communion until he resolved “the scandal” by ceasing this “cohabiting.”   If you must, you can continue reading here.

I guess that it is too much to hope that Ms. Dowd and her crowd would even entertain learning why the Church teaches what she does.

Man this is bad even for her. Priest are gay! Priests are perverts! Hypocrites! Homosexuals just want the chance to live in fidelity.

Her ignorance is unbelievable. For example, she writes:

Dolan insists that marriage between a man and a woman is “hard-wired” by God and nature. But the church refuses to acknowledge that homosexuality may be hard-wired by God and nature as well, and is not a lifestyle choice.

Sigh. First the Church makes no claim on whether or not homosexuality is a result of nature or nurture. She leaves that to science. But even if science determined that homosexuality is something one is born with, the Church rejects the idea that it is  God who hard wired people with the tendency.

Instead, homosexual inclinations would be seen as a result of the disorder brought into the world by the fall. All disease and suffering is a result of original sin. We live in a broken world.

The Church cannot change her teaching on marriage. She simply does not have the authority from Jesus Christ.

The Church calls on homosexuals to live a life of chastity and to cultivate holy friendships. It is a great trial, and such persons should be accepted with respect and compassion. We all have our crosses, some of us have heavier ones than other. But in Christ we can endure all things.

About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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