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Smacking You Into Sainthood

I still remember being terrified as the day of my Confirmation approached.  Back then part of  the rite was being slapped on the face as a sign that Confirmation made us soldiers of Christ. It turns out the slap was … Continue reading

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A Pagan Walks into a Catholic Mass…..

and stays. Why I’m Catholic (H/T Deacon Greg) has posted a powerful conversion      story. Christie Martin was a practicing Neopagan until she made the mistake of walking into a Catholic Mass.  My conversion to the Catholic Church took about three … Continue reading

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No Exeptions With Contraception-Thank God!

Jennifer Fulwiler, answers a reader who thinks that the Church should allow contraception for married couples in difficult situations. Excerpt: I had my own crisis along these lines when I found out while I was expecting my second child that … Continue reading

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