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Marriage Wars

I have been intending to post on the same sex marriage as it relates to heterosexual Christian marriage in order to respond to a readers comment on this post . But getting ready for RCIA, and a bit of writers … Continue reading

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The Death of Marriage From the Bully Pulpit

It has concerned me greatly that the meme that same sex marriage is a civil right has come out of left field without any discussion or debate.  This is a concern because allowing same sex marriage to be normalized, changes … Continue reading

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Chastity in the Age of Sex

When I was a senior in high school, we were discussing sex outside of marriage, in the context of the Church’s teaching and the sexual revolution which was well under way.  I don’t remember most of the discussion, hey this … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Life

This is a beautiful story (you might want to grab a box of tissues). H/T Rod Dreher “They did everything together. So it was fitting that, at the end, they died together, succumbing within hours of each other from a … Continue reading

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A Mea Culpa, A Clarification and The Narrow Way

A reader commented on this post: ‘Wow. I am fully in accord with the Church and recognize her ability to set her rules as she believes they are formed by Scripture, but laid out like that our policy looks awfully … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I………..

Marriage Outside of the Church and Reception of Holy Communion Q Can a Catholic who was not married in the Church, receive Holy Communion? If not, why?  (please provide citations) A. Catholics who were not married in the Church may … Continue reading

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True Shepherds

The Bishops of the United States are concerned about recent rulings on marriage. WASHINGTON—Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Ad Hoc Committee for the Defense of Marriage, expressed grave concern regarding … Continue reading

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In Defense of Marriage

Between one man and one woman, that is. The US Bishops have a lot of new resources on their web site to explain why the Church cannot accept homosexual marriage: Marriage: Unique for a Reason provides resources to assist with … Continue reading

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Man and Woman He Created Them: The Church and Same Sex Unions

It is only recently that the Church’s teaching on homosexuality has been difficult for many people, especially teens and young adults to accept. The fact that proponents of same sex marriage are framing the argument in terms of civil rights … Continue reading

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