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The Child Sex Scandal and Catholic Bashers

Rant Alert. Every Catholic blogger who writes a post about the Catholic moral teaching on human sexuality, is guaranteed to receive at least one comment referring to the priest sex scandal. Exhibit A: this oh so original comment on this … Continue reading

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A Priest hero of The American Catholic Church

Since today is “Be humble day”, here is a little something to help us grow in   humility. From The Anchoress “If you are not reading historian Pat McNamara’s weekly column In Ages Past, you’re missing great profiles, of American Catholics … Continue reading

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Forgiven, Redeemed, Reconciled

Three words. Much power. This is a remarkable and heart wrenching story from the Wyoming Star-Tribune. H/T Get Religion. In September of 2005 three seminarians , studying for the priesthood, go out for a few drinks.  Tragically, they all get … Continue reading

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Feed My Sheep

A top chef with a vocation (H/T Deacon Greg Kandra): I remember certain parts of Scripture where there is food involved. That’s sort of what keeps me interested in what I am doing if I am having a low point, … Continue reading

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