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Coming to America…

My son and his family are moving from Scotland to Boston. Hooray! I would be singing Al… all day and night, but it is Lent. So I will Praise God instead. Can you believe it? We will be able to … Continue reading

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The wonder of mystery

At the beginning of every RCIA year, I always tell the inquirers that I will neverĀ  answer their questions with the big Catholic cop out: It’s a mystery! But God is completely other. His self revelation to us is clouded … Continue reading

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God’s Megaphone

Please pass the tissues. ( H/T: The Anchoress) “There are Christians who seem to believe that God only speaks through words. This is a rather puzzling and limiting idea for a creator who gave us five senses plus an imagination … Continue reading

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Eternal Life Without God?

Fr. Barron saw the movie “Hereafter”. He liked it but, he is puzzled that the movie detaches life after death from God. Can’t do that. H/T Aggie Catholics

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