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Top Ten Bogus Arguments In Favor of the HHS Mandate

I hate the fact that the attack on religious freedom by the current administration is forcing me to (probably) vote for the not Obama candidate. Voting none of the above is no longer an option. The American Catholic has a … Continue reading

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The Bishops Fight Obama for Religious Freedom

Well clearly I am not doing a very good job of blogging for lent.  Hey it is not easy being a DRE this time of year. Anyway while I was away from the internet the past few days, I missed … Continue reading

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Choice, Suffering and Original Sin

Simcha Fisher responds to the tragic story of a mother of a dying child who wishes that she had aborted him.  Freedom to choose is a dangerous illusion. H/T Little Catholic Bubble Excerpt: “She has had her face pushed against … Continue reading

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What Do you Worship?

Fr. Barron on the importance of the first three commandments. H/T New Advent.

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