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Are Catholics Chicken or Something?

Jimmy Akin, over at the National Catholic Register, wonders if Catholics are a bunch of wimps. He had an encounter with an evangelical acquaintance who was concerned that Catholic Jimmy was not saved. Excerpt I hope we can chat again … Continue reading

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Pro Abortion Extremist in Chief

Are you Pro life?   Do you want to end tax payer funding for Planned Parenthood?  Well then you are an extremist. At least according to pro abortion politicians. This has been especially true in the fight to deprive PP of … Continue reading

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New Youth Catechism

It is said that all translators are traitors.  The new youth Catechism, YouCat, has just been released, and it has created quite a storm in the Catholic blogosphere. Early reports suggested that the book promoted contraception for married couples.  The … Continue reading

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St. Stanislaus

Yesterday the Church celebrated St. Stanislaus, bishop and martyr. “St. Stanislaus was the Bishop of Cracow, Poland. A champion of the liberty of the Church and of the dignity of man, he defended the lonely and the poor. When he … Continue reading

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